What Is Data Driven Marketing?

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Heard about Data Driven Marketing before and wondering what it actually means, or never heard of it before but you’re just a bit curious?

Data Driven Marketing is, quite simply, allowing the facts and figures from previous marketing campaigns guide you to where to invest marketing budgets in the future.

“How do I access this information?” we hear you cry. This depends on what kind of campaigns you have run in the past. If you have spent money on things like newspaper or radio advertising, then unfortunately you are unlikely to have much to go on (which is why digital marketing beats these channels hands down), unless you set up specific trackable phone numbers for example.

Below are a few ideas of where you can access existing data.

Previous PPC Campaigns

If you have ever run any pay par click campaigns in the past, then you will be able to access the reports from these, providing your accounts are still active. Maybe you ran campaigns on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Alternatively, if you have ever run any campaigns on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, again, there will be information within your accounts.

Previous Email Campaigns

Used any email marketing services in the past? Then you should be able to access stats and data from any past campaigns. Things like open rates, click rates etc. All of this information is important and can help guide you in the future when used right.

Analytics Data From Your Website

Your website can give you an incredible insight to your potential customers. You can find out the age range, location, traffic source, what pages are the most popular, how long people stayed and an awful lot more information. As long as your website has something like Google Analytics (which is free) installed, then it will have a whole host of information for you.

Your Facebook or Twitter Business Page

By looking into the insights of your Facebook and Twitter followers, you will find a wealth of information about who is following you. Things like age brackets, male or female, locations etc.

Your Company CRM

If you have a company CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, you already have an incredible advantage. All the information you have on file about previous and current customers and leads, can help you plan where to target your marketing efforts. If you do not have a CRM system, but still have information stored in Excel spreadsheets, for example, you still have this information. It may just need to be organised.

If you do not have any of the above, please don’t despair! You will, of course, still know about your previous and current customers. A good digital marketing agency will also be able to draw on experience and best practices to help get you going.

Here at SNAP! Marketing, we set up lead generation campaigns for businesses in various fields and industries. The most common aspect about all of these campaigns is how we constantly analyse the data and continue to optimise. We will always go through each part of the process from beginning to end.

Take a look below at our ongoing process.

Step 1. The Search, display & remarketing PPC Account

Each and every month we will analyse the keywords, ads and the ad extensions of the search campaigns. Looking for new opportunities, the best converters, the best value for money performers and eliminate any of the above that are not returning. We also do the same for all display and remarketing campaigns, by looking at what ad sizes are working the best, what placements are converting, demographic information and more. The idea being that by continually optimising month on month, the campaign performs to it’s maximum. Then, campaigns can be scaled up knowing that there will be minimal wastage and a maximum return on investment.

We never recommend sending paid for traffic to the home page of your website. Click To Tweet

Step 2. What Happens After The Click…

We see so many “Professional” agencies that focus all of their work on what happens pre click. Now this is, of course, incredibly important, but for us this is not where the hard work stops, this is where it is just beginning.

We never recommend sending paid for traffic to the home page of your website. The reason for this is that there are just too many things to do and too many distractions. If you are paying for this person to visit, then we want to maximise the possibility that they will do what you are paying for them to do, that they convert from being just a click, to becoming a lead or a customer.

We will maximise this possibility by sending paid for clicks to specifically designed landing pages. These pages will only have one purpose, to sign up, to register, to buy, whatever your business goal, this is what the page will focus on . A landing page has no other links, has no Facebook buttons, nothing else at all that could potentially distract the visitor.

By sending paid traffic to a specifically designed landing page, we increase the conversion rate drastically when compared to sending traffic to your home page. By using these methods, we can provide you more leads, without the need to increase your ad spend.

Step 3. What Happens After A Click Becomes A Lead

We will set up auto responder emails. These can be set up in advance to ensure that the lead is now being contacted regularly about your business, building their knowledge and trust in your brand/product/service. All of these emails serve an important purpose in nurturing leads and helping them to become future customers.

We also perform the same analytical approach to landing pages and emails as we do in the PPC campaign. We can split test different headlines, imagery, content, calls to action, colours etc. to see which converts better. This again ensures that you are getting the maximum conversions and the best possible return on your investment.

Big businesses employ these kind of tactics all of the time. Here at SNAP! marketing, we want to bring this level of professionalism to every business, regardless of size. We understand that if you are a small business, money is precious and you need to ensure it is spent wisely. If you are a medium sized business, budgets are strict and have to get the desired results. And if you are a large business, every penny spent has a purpose, the potential to lose large sums of money has to be eliminated and shareholders need to know money isn’t being wasted.

If you want to know how SNAP! Marketing can help your business get more leads and customers for less, get in touch with us today, there’s no obligation so nothing to lose and potentially, a lot to gain.

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