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Display advertising is a great way to build your brand, create awareness and generate familiarity. The more familiar a person is with your brand or product, the more trustworthy they become. Statistics show that a first time visitor to a website is 98% likely to leave without purchasing, this then drops to 70% on the second visit, and so on. This is just one example where display advertising can be of a great benefit.

Display advertising is available across millions of websites the world over. This gives you countless opportunities to display your business to potential customers and is one of the most used techniques in digital marketing.

Display advertising can be used in a number of different ways and it comes in many different shapes and sizes. Display advertising can be:

Text Static images Animated images/text Video

There are also several different ways that you choose how your ads are displayed, these are:

Keywords and topics (Contextual Marketing) Specified website placements (Managed Placements) Showing your ads to people who have already visited your website (Remarketing) Showing your ads to people with certain interests (Interest Categories)

Your display adverts will also be in various sizes. This depends on what kind of adverts a particular website allows. Therefore, it is necessary to produce your ads in each of the different sizes, so that your ads can appear on any of the chosen sites, and not be restricted to certain sites in any way, and yes of course, we can do that.

You can bid for display adverts either via a Cost Per Click (CPC), or a Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Naturally each one of these has its benefits. CPC means that you will only pay if somebody clicks your advert but, using CPM means that potentially you could get 100 clicks for example, cheaper than one using CPC. It is up to you.

Similar to Pay Per Click Advertising, we will set up your Display Campaign so that you get accurate stats on performance and engagement. This then allows you to see accurate ROI’s and react and/or plan ahead with future display campaigns.

There are many different variations and combinations when it comes to display marketing, but fear not, we will recommend and explain the options that are most suited to you and your business, in plain English.

Based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk but serving the globe, SNAP! Marketing is your number one partner for all of your digital marketing and digital display advertising needs.

If you are just launching your business/product or want to re-brand/re-launch, then speak to us about our marketing services. You can combine our different marketing services to help launch your business in style. For example you get a shiny new website, digital display campaign, email marketing and ongoing SEO, all in one.

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