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There may be many companies that offer email marketing services but, not all email marketing companies are the same. Remember, SNAP! Marketing don’t do jargon, we will not try to baffle you or try to pull the wool over your eyes. We like to keep things simple and transparent.

So, what are the basics of a good solid email marketing campaign?

  • A healthy email list: It is of vital importance that your email list be a) Legal, as there are serious penalties dished out to companies who do not operate within the law. b) Relevant, if you are trying to market a new product or service that has nothing to do with whatever product or service helped you capture that persons email in the first place, they are less likely to take the action you want them to. c) Fresh, as people may changer their email addresses frequently, forget who your company are or simply go off the boil.
  • A headline that will get peoples attention/curiosity: When it comes to sending your email campaign, nothing is more important than the headline, why? If nobody opens the email because of a poor headline or a bad headline that gets flagged as spam, it doesn’t matter if you were giving the winning lottery ticket numbers in the email if nobody ever opens it. Think HEADLINE, HEADLINE, HEADLINE.
  • Emails that work on all devices: Just like responsive web design is a must these days, so is a responsive email. With the ever increasing amount of smartphone users, every day more and more people get their email on their smartphone or tablet. If your email marketing campaigns do not function correctly on all devices, you will be throwing a massive chunk of your marketing budget down the drain.
  • A clear message: No matter if your email marketing campaign is about selling a product, introducing your company to prospective clients or a newsletter. Be sure to have a clear message and theme.
  • Calls to action: Whatever the purpose of sending the email, you have to give the recipient clear choices of what YOU want them to do. If your email is about buying fishing rods for garden gnomes then make sure there are big bright buttons and links in the email that say “Buy Your Garden Gnome Fishing Rods Here”
  • Relevant images: Even though as standard, many email clients are set not to show images automatically, it is vitally important that your email marketing campaigns are pleasing to the eye. If you open an email that is just text, text, text, how much of it are you going to read before you get bored? The images have to be interesting and relevant. Make sure that the images you use are of a good quality and are interesting and relevant to your email.
  • Be consistent: As the best email marketing campaigns are the ones that are regular. Be sure to have a consistent look and feel to your email marketing campaigns. The idea is to get the receiver familiar with your company, product or service. The more consistent your message, the more trust will begin to grow.

Just like responsive web design is a must these days, so is a responsive email Click To Tweet

Our email marketing services encompass all of the above and we have a vast amount of experience in the field.

As with all of our digital marketing services, we produce regular reports on your email marketing campaigns performance. Clear and transparent information that gives you what you need to make informed choices on future campaigns.

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