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We all are bombarded by different types of email marketing every single day. We have all received the emails promising us millions of dollars that are owed to us by some mysterious uncle, or various enhancement pills/aids etc.

The main problem with this type of marketing (If you can even call it that) is that it has not been requested, it’s of no interest, it’s not wanted and it’s not trustworthy.

There are strict laws which cover how an individual’s data may be captured and used. It is vitally important for your businesses reputation and bank balance (heavy fines are given if you do not comply) to make sure that you follow these laws.

SNAP! Marketing can help ensure that you are set up to capture the email addresses of your clients and potential clients, either from your website and/or your Facebook page. We can also help you with legitimate Data Sourcing from reputable companies who have all captured their data in the correct way.

When you use email lists correctly, it is a great way to get your message out to the masses quickly, because you are sending your emails to people who have either told you they want you to keep them updated, or people who have expressed an interest in similar products/services before.

If you are sending clear and attractive content to people who are interested in your product/service, your level of engagement will be far greater. Better to send your email marketing to 500 potentially interested and voluntarily subscribed people, than to 10,000 email addresses you bought from “shifty Joe down the pub”. Not only will it be more effective, you will not be at risk of prosecution so, everyone’s a winner!

SNAP! Marketing will set up your entire email marketing campaign, from account structure right down to how your email will look. We will also be able to accurately report on the delivery and engagement of your emails. Giving you a clear picture of how effective your strategy is and of course, an accurate ROI.

Based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk but serving the globe, SNAP! Marketing is your number one partner for all of your digital marketing and email marketing needs.

If you are just launching your business/product or want to re-brand/re-launch, then speak to us about our marketing services. You can combine our different marketing services to help launch your business in style. For example you get a shiny new website, social media pages, email marketing and ongoing SEO all in one.

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