As Little As 3% Of Your Facebook Fans Are Seeing Your Posts

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Ever wonder why you get very little or no interaction on your Facebook page?

On average, only 3%-7.5% of your fans will see your posts. Now that’s a pretty shockingly low number isn’t it? After all, you have worked hard in driving people to your social channels, building up your fans. if you are a small business with 200 fans for example, you could have as few as 6 to 15 people see your posts, which really is a tiny amount. Maybe in the past you saw more results than you get now. So, why now are so few people seeing your posts? The answer is simple, money. Over the past few years, Facebook has been shifting it’s focus when it comes to business pages. They have focused very much on paid advertising, both for Facebook pages and clicks away from Facebook. It’s worked too, by the end of 2013, Facebook had nearly $8 Billion in revenue, up 55% on the previous year. There is no reason for Facebook to reverse this trend when it comes to business pages, after all, they seem to be doing ok on the financial side don’t they.

On average, only 3%-7.5% of your Facebook fans will see your posts Click To Tweet

What does this mean for you and your Facebook page? Basically, if you want to keep doing it for free, then your posts will get seen by a lot less people than they used to.

What to do now

Social media, and Facebook in particular are still incredibly usueful channels for your business. In no way should you not still promote your presence on these channels and post interesting and engaging content for your followers. The more interaction with your page such as likes, shares and comments, the better organic exposure your page will have. However, what you must do and do now, is work on building a channel for your own business. Make sure that every customer or inquiry has a valid email address, send regular updates to these people, make these updates useful, interesting, offer special discounts and incentives, make them feel special. Work as hard as you can on building your contact lists. You can do this by using your website, social media channels, staff to get customers or potential customers contact details, basically, do what you can to drive up the numbers of subscribers to your email marketing lists.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an incredibly useful tool which works best when the people receiving the email, asked for it. Sure, you can spend a lot of money on rented lists but remember, the open rate will be far lower, the potential complaints rate higher, engagement in what you are sending will be lower and you run the risk of financial penalties is the lists are not legal.

When it is set up correctly, not only is email marketing a great tool for your business but, it is also comes with incredibly accurate statistics. This allows you to see exactly what kind of return you are getting. You can see how many people open the email, how many click the links inside, using analytics where that person then went on your website etc. The statistics give you an invaluable insight into your customers and potential customers.

So there you have it, an answer to one question and a solution for another.

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