How Important Is Website Speed?

Website Speed

With websites being viewed on such a wide selection of devices with considerably different internet speeds, now more than ever, it is imperative that your website is firing on all cylinders.

Without looking into all kinds of official stats about how quickly a person will click away before a web page loads, just think for a minute how long you wait? Not long we will bet. In a time with super fast broad band and fibre optic connections when we click on a website we want to see it instantly, no matter if we are looking on our computers, tablets or smartphones.

If your website is taking more than 2-4 seconds, then you have a BIG problem. Poorly constructed websites, too many bloated images, third party ads and loads of other factors can contribute to slow load times and slow load times means less people getting though to your website.

Here at SNAP! Marketing, not only do we create great looking websites, but we also go to town on optimising everything for speed. Images are drastically reduced in file size with no visual impact, we avoid bloated code themes and plugins and we set up various tools in the background to ensure your website opens in a SNAP! We will also ensure that your website is set up to work on any device. Search engine giants Google are always banging on about user experience and in April if your website is not displaying on mobile correctly, your search engine ranking will fall dramatically. Click here to see if your website is mobile friendly.

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Low quality cheap shared website hosting can have a massive negative effect on your website speed too. We won’t name them in public, but when we first created the SNAP! Marketing website we used a very popular companies budget priced web hosting and holy moly it was slowwwww!

Since we moved our website to Siteground, speeds have improved dramatically. There are some great extras included to make sure your website flies out of the blocks. They can also handle moving your website and offer incredibly helpful support. Click here to check Siteground out, you will thank us.

So is website speed important? That depends on whether or not you think your potential customers and Google are important 😉

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