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We have recently completed a full redesign on a website for JN Container Hire in Kings Lynn.

The website that they had previously had not been updated for a number of years and it was looking very dated by today’s standards. After contacting their web design company, they were very shocked by the large sum they were quoted to update the site, so they got in touch with us.

The brief was to bring the website back up to date, display correctly on mobile devices and display prominently important information such as prices and contact details.

Upon closer inspection we found there was no analytical data to be found as the previous web designer hadn’t bothered to install Google Analytics (which is unforgivable on it’s own), the site was quite slow due to poor hosting, the copyright disclaimer hadn’t been updated since 2009 and text in some areas were difficult to read and bleeding outside of their text containers.

Kings Lynn Web Design Before

How the website used to look

The new website is fully responsive, which means it adapts and displays great across computer, laptop, tablet and mobile screens. The first things you see when you land on the page are the telephone number and the link through to the prices. All of the pages and images are tagged correctly to maximise the onsite SEO. The website has a great flow due to the use of different shaded backgrounds, images and buttons. There is also a contact form on the bottom of each page so no matter where on the website you are, you can easily get in touch.

Container Hire Website Speed Test

The speed of the website has also been vastly improved. By using only the highest quality servers, caching and a content delivery network, this all adds up to a faster, more secure and more stable website.

The main feedback we have had from JN Container Hire is how professional the site looks and that they are very very happy with it.

Take a look for yourself

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