5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing

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When your business gets to the point where you want to kick on to the next level where marketing is concerned you have two obvious options. The first is to have an in house marketing person or team and the second is to outsource you marketing. Below are just a few huge benefits to you and your business for outsourcing your marketing activities to a company like SNAP! Marketing.


The costs involved in advertising the job in local press or the fees involved with hiring an employment agency can be surprisingly high. You then have to choose the right candidate, the more experience and qualifications that candidate has, the more money you will have to pay to secure their services. You then have to take into account the extras that you have to pay on top of their basic salary such as holiday and sick pay, pensions, national insurance etc. You will have to factor in the costs for office space, hardware requirements, software requirement, all that before you even consider the ongoing training that is involved keeping up to date with the latest marketing and digital marketing trends.

Using SNAP! Marketing as your marketing department means that you have one single cost per month, nothing more nothing less.


If you make the decision that now is the time you need to start shouting about your business or product, you don’t want to have to wait. How long do you think it will take to advertise, go through applications, interview, review, second interview, notify, complete all the necessary paperwork and then finally start? When the person you have just hired finally does start, they then have to to begin learning all about your business or products.

SNAP! Marketing will not only get on the case quick, we will set as much as possible up to be totally automated to save you time now and in the future.

Range of skills

One person can only have so much knowledge before their head would explode. If the person you have taken on has a great background in pay per click advertising and social media marketing, that’s great but you are then still going to have to pay for a designer if you need new pdf downloads, pay a web designer to update or re-design your website, hire an email marketing specialist to drive traffic, pay to have professional SEO tasks etc.

Here at SNAP! Marketing we have aligned ourselves with some of the biggest and best service providers, industry experts and contacts from around the world.

A fresh perspective

Somebody looking in from the outside will undoubtedly be able to bring fresh ideas to the table. They will be able to draw on previous experience in similar situations or come at things from a completely different angle and throw in ideas that somebody internal might never think of. Remember, here at SNAP! we live and breathe marketing and everything that goes with it. We think in the box, out the box, over the box, under the box, heck we just can’t stop dreaming up new ways to help your business fly.

Creativity is at the very centre of all we do. Nothing is impossible and nothing can’t be done if you work hard and smart enough.

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You’re in control

If you have took the time and the money to hire somebody internal to handle your marketing strategy and things don’t work out or maybe things don’t quite go according to plan, to an extent you are stuck in the situation. You can choose to try persevere or you have to give notice and begin the whole hiring process again and hope the next one works out. Using our services, you are in total control, there are no minimum contracts. What you will see quick is that we work harder and we work smarter however, you have the added security that you are not tied in or financially obligated to us. Mind you, it’s more likely that it goes the other way where you cannot keep up with demand and you ask us to slow down.

Because of our experience, we understand about deadlines and time-frames. Tell us when to go and we are out of the blocks quicker than Usain Bolt.

If you are thinking about whether or not to outsource your marketing, get in touch with us today for a chat. Remember,there’s no obligation and we can’t twist your arm 😉

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