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In this, the second in our SNAP! Marketing Explains Pay Per Click, Simply series, we will explain the importance of Quality Score in your Google AdWords campaigns. We will explain how it works, how it can save you money and how to achieve your desired goals with your pay per click advertising.

First of all, it is important to understand just what quality score is and why it is so important when it comes to running succesfull Google AdWords campaigns. In Google’s own words “Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords and landing page are to a person seeing your ad. Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad, keyword and landing page are all relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad”. Basically, it is a rating system and the better rating you have, the lower you will pay per click. So if you want to run your campaigns as efficiently as possible, then quality score is very important. However, unlike some digital marketing companies, here at SNAP! Marketing we constantly work smarter to balance between a good quality score and getting the results that you want. Remember, quality score is a system that Google deems to be right, that does not necessarily mean that all of your efforts should be about higher quality scores at the detriment to getting actual business/customers. A higher quality score is a bit like a thumbs up that things are looking ok and well structured.

The main three components of how quality score is calculated are 1: Ad relevance, 2: Expected click through rate (CTR) and 3: Landing page experience.

Ad Relevance: Google wants to show the best possible results in both it’s organic and paid for search engine results. The keywords that you bid on and that a person enters into Google must have relevance in your ad copy. If you are bidding on the keyword “Emergency Plumber In London” for example, then your ad copy has to be related to that subject. If your ad copy were to be about restaurants in Birmingham then this would not be particularly relevant. This is an easy example, but to dive a bit deeper, if your advert were about plumbers in general, while this may have some relevance, it may show in the results but it still would not match as well as an ad specifically about “Emergency Plumber In London”, is less likely to be clicked and would cost you more if it were clicked than if you wrote a specifically tailored ad.

Expected Click Through Rate (CTR): Sticking with the example above, saying you have a tailored ad for “Emergency Plumber In London”. Google will also look at your ad copy and estimate using various algorithms and historical data how many people (as a percentage) may click on your ad. Think about the kinds of results on Google that you click. They will usually be the ones that answer your question or provide a solution to a problem you may have. Your ad copy needs to do the same. You only have a small amount of text to do this so you have to think smart, analyse the results and constantly test new ideas.

Landing Page Experience: Let’s say that you have done a great job with your ad. Your headline has great potential, the ad copy is relevant and gives real worth. If the page you then send this potential client is either irrelevant or poorly constructed, this is not a good user experience in Google’s eyes (or anybody else’s for that matter). Where you send somebody after they click your ad is just as important in the user experience. Make sure that where you send them is related or better still, tailored to the emergency call out section on your plumber website. Make sure that your website is legally compliant with a privacy policy. If you are paying to have this traffic visit your website, make sure that your phone number and contact details are prominent so it is easy to be contacted. In a lot of cases it is actually better to send paid for traffic to specifically designed and built landing pages, not your websites home page. In the above example, if somebody needs a plumber in an emergency, they do not need to get to your home page and navigate all around. What they need is to land on a specific page with brief information and preferably some rates for emergency call outs, repairs etc. The ability to click and call off a mobile would be very handy (this is easy to do). As with any online design, put yourself in the shoes of the person searching for an emergency plumber. They could be knee deep in water, searching on their mobile, likely to call out one of the first results they can find online.

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Here at SNAP! Marketing, we can take care of all your pay per click marketing needs. From research all the way through to management and optimisation. We can build tailored landing pages, lead generation landing pages, sign up landing pages and more. We continually test, analyse and optimise every aspect of your pay per click campaign.

SNAP! Marketing is your number one partner for all of your pay per click advertising needs both here in Kings Lynn and around the world.

If you want SNAP! Marketing to manage your pay per click advertising to drive more traffic, click www.snapmarketing/pay-per-click-advertising to find out more.

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