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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term that gets banded around a lot. It’s important to understand that there are many different aspects to SEO and that only a continual investment in time and effort will reap the rewards. Those rewards are free traffic being driven to your website, learning about your business and the opportunity to buy your products or services. Yes, we said FREE!

In this day and age, search engines have become incredibly clever with how they display the results after every search. Remember, when you click search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or which ever search engine you prefer, there are over 60 trillion (and counting!) individual web pages to search. They then have to display what they think is most suited to your keyword. The most important thing to any search engine is to try to give you what you are looking for, fast. If they do not, then they risk you going to one of their competitors. It is all about what Google calls “The User Experience”.

User Experience means that Google want to show the searcher the most interesting, fresh and original content it can find amongst those 60 trillion plus pages.

The main ways to make your website search engine friendly are a correctly constructed and laid out website, with all the relevant tags and titles, original content, fresh content, engaging content, social signals, internal links, external links and more.

People who “Guarantee” rankings may have ways to try and trick a search engine, but remember, companies like Google and Microsoft employ some pretty clever people; thousands of them. So, it is unrealistic to assume you can pull the wool over their eyes. And if you do, once caught, you will be in a world of hurt (Digitally)!

The most important thing to remember with your website is to do the research, build it correctly and always think about the end user. The more your website is recommended by giving natural links, or by people recommending you on social media, the better your search engine ranking.

Search engine optimisation can be complex and take time but, SNAP! Marketing will get you on the right path from start to finish and we will explain how we do this in plain English.

Based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk but serving the globe, SNAP! Marketing is your number one partner for all of your search engine optimisation needs.

If you are just launching your business/product or want to re-brand/re-launch, then speak to us about our marketing services. You can combine our different marketing services to help launch your business in style. For example you get a shiny new websitesocial media pages, a pay per click campaign and ongoing SEO, all in one.

Check out this link from Google about how search works:

SEO with SNAP! Marketing is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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